Vibe Gym & Wellness Collective

VIBE Gym and Wellness Collective is a Denver-based fitness and wellness facility for women and gender-queer people. Gym members gain access to free health- and wellness-based events, a network of health and wellness professionals, an open gym and group fitness classes.

  • Digital advertising
  • Digital design
  • Listings management
  • Print design
  • Production
  • Social media management
  • Web design and maintenance

Create a website that serves as a one-stop shop for customers to book classes and events, sign up for memberships and learn about VIBE. Decrease the number of ad-hoc contact request

  • Created and maintain a vibrant, branded, mobile-responsive website which prioritizes customer experience, searchability and user-friendliness.
    • Invented the verbal (conversational) tone for VIBE and wrote content for 24+ web pages, including the business introduction, team bios and FAQ page
    • Created an intake system that uses Wix forms to standardize the content supplied when new team members, renters or wellness collective members come aboard
  • Compiled quarterly web traffic reports
    • Maintained consistent page visits over 90 days
    • Launched an FAQ page that…
      • Catalyzed a decrease of contact page visits of over 66% (600 visits) over first 90 days
      • Surpassed contact page visits by over 20% over second 90 days