FestivalSouth is a multi-disciplinary arts celebration that primarily features exceptional performing and visual artists during the month of June in Hattiesburg, MS. Throughout the year, the organization aims to provide events from each FestivalFamily of offerings and collaborative efforts bridging multiple genres.

  • Website refresh
  • Website maintenance

Move former website to new hosting, refresh promotional creative and improve user experience in time for the new season launch.

  • Transferred hosting from previous provider in alignment with the Client’s goals to have full control over their content
  • Designed and launched a website that prioritizes the Client’s creative goals, including
    • Improving visibility and accessibility to ticket sales
    • Streamlining the customer experience
    • Introducing a video element that captivates the viewer upon arrival
  • Implemented a light box promotional element that immediately invites the viewer to purchase tickets for the upcoming show(s) upon visiting the site